Learn how to make an income when people shop for things they are already buying

Discover how you can start earning an income on transactions globally

Our new super app is a Game Changer for Shoppers, Merchants and Marketers around the globe


Using our app shoppers scan their receipts and get cashback and shopping points for the things that they are already buying. Merchants get new customers through the loyalty program and an income stream from their customers when they shop at other locations. Merchants can sign up other merchant locations and earn additional revenue from shoppers of those businesses. Marketers can register and earn reoccuring income from shoppers, merchants and other marketers they refer.

Shoppers simply Downlload the myWorld App to start saving on the things that they are already buying. SHOPPING GENERATES SALES FOR BUSINESSES AND INCOME FOR THOSE REFERRING OTHERS TO DOWNLOAD AND USE THE APP.

Attention Shoppers

Join the #1 loyalty rewards program in America, that allows you to collect Cashback & Shopping Points on every purchase at all of our 500K+ myWorld Partners.

How Does It Work

Read benefits for shoppers, merchants and marketers


Our members shop in-store or online. When shopping at Local Partners they scan their receipt to receive cash-back and shopping points. Through the app shoppers can also purchase eGift Cards. When paying for their merchandise they simply open the their App and show the QR code or barcode and collect Cashback and Shopping Points. 



In the B2B sector, myWorld supports businesses by offering marketing tools for enhanced customer loyalty and exposure. Merchants benefit by gaining new shoppers and retaining existing customers. Unlike traditional advertising merchants only pay a small fee for successful sales made.

Merchants also have the option to refer their shoppers to download the app, in this case the merchant will start receiving an additional stream of revenue from transactions made when those shoppers make purchases for the things they are already buying at other businesses, even at the merchants competitors.

B2B - Merchants can also refer other merchants to the program. Referring other merchants allows them to do the same, and they can also generate an income stream from their customers and the merchant that referred that business will also receive a percentage of that merchants shopping transactions.


Become a Marketer

By becoming a marketer you can refer shoppers, merchants or other marketers. It's up to you and you can get started for free. Before registering as a marketer you must first download the shopping app and create an account. Once you have downloaded the app and created a shopping account you can then go ahead and click the link below to register as a marketer for free.

To Get Started As A Marketer/Agent

Its as Simple as 1 - 2 - 3

  1. FIRST Become a myWorld member as A Shopper & get 30 shopping points deposited into your account as a Welcome Gift.  After creating your account Download & Sign IN to the "myWorld Member App.
  2. Once You are a myWorld Shopper you can then become a marketer. If you have already done that go ahead and click the button below to Register a a Marketer using the same username that you used when created your myWorld shopper account, then Download & Sign IN to the "lyconet Marketer APP"
  3. Start using the myWorld member App to save on your shopping and to become familiar with it. Watch the training videos provided when you sign up and attend the webinars to learn more. This is a real business that can generate serious income for those that take advange of it's full potiental.

Nothing happens if shopping doesn't happen. Refer friends to do the same. As a marketer you can refer shoppers, merchants, and other marketers. It's up to you who would like to target.

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